About Liz

woman drinking Espresso, outside Landtmann Cafe

After graduating with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from the University of Missouri Reynolds Institute of Journalism, where she studied advertising, Liz Maritz promptly dove into a successful career in marketing.

For over ten years, Liz worked in promotion, blogging, web design, and copywriting, working with brands like Nestle Purina, Earth’s Best, and Reebok. Liz’s involvement in grass roots social media efforts piqued her curiosity in technology. Liz then made a transition to IT project management. While working for MasterCard, Liz completed her PMP credential. She went on to manage two IT teams at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. After the birth of her daughter in 2016, Liz battled post-partum depression and anxiety. In 2017, she made the difficult decision to leave her corporate management role to stay home with her sweet infant daughter and her terrible terrier.

As evidenced by her work history, Liz’s primary talent is exploring new territory and doing things she’s never done before. To date, her biggest challenge is her incorrigible, wire-haired fox terrier, Brody. At the urging of friends, family and those captivated by Brody’s story in veterinary waiting rooms; Liz recounts how Brody’s many medical misfortunes shaped her unexpected approach to life in her first narrative, non-fiction book.