wire haired fox terrier puppy on floor

Coming in 2018

BrodyMonster: A perfectionist and the world’s most imperfect terrier.

A competitive newlywed with perfectionist tendencies, I accepted a bet from my husband, Jimmy. Run a half marathon, and I get to pick out the dog. Simple enough, right?

Not even a blizzardy, last-minute flight to Chicago could prepare me for Brody, our punkish, purebred wire fox terrier and his rare, sequential, anxiety-inducing medical disasters.

Jimmy spent hours training Brody, an attempt to turn him into the obedient dog he forfeited in our bet. But his efforts came to a rapid halt when an accident and bad genetics landed them both in the hospital within weeks of each other.

From that point forward, I had a sinking feeling Brody was the exception and not the rule. Over the next several years, this fear proved correct and made it increasingly difficult for me to accept setbacks along the way.

After the birth of my daughter, I lost it. Something had to change. Did I even want Brody anymore? Did he even want me?

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